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Latest designs

Here’s the updated design of the Starship Mat and new designs of the Command Cards (including new artwork!)

We’d love to hear what you think.

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Gaining and Losing Time

Akira and Hoshi’s Nuclear Magnetoplasma engines thrummed as they raced towards the asteroid and the precious actium claim. Neither wished to break interstellar law by activating their weapon banks and risking the interference of a Peacekeeper. However, that didn’t mean there weren’t ways to mess with your rival.

Akira planned to infect Hoshi’s engines with a virus but timing was everything. He needed to delay just long enough so that Hoshi couldn’t respond with her antivirus.  Waiting… waiting … Now!  The sudden noise and light stunned him.  When his senses cleared, he realised he’d missed his opportunity.  Hoshi had jammed his systems, and now his viruses were in Cooldown.

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Command Cards in FUSION

Akira contemplated his situation.  It was not good.  He’d been caught unawares transporting his cargo, and the pirate Uki had almost finished him off.  Hiding in the asteroid field had helped, but Uki had caught up to him and her deadly guns were ripping him to shreds.  In addition, if Uki’s missiles struck home, he’d probably be dead.  Akira’s Anti-Missile Drones were in the air, but Uki’s fighters were ready to launch, and that would take care of that defence.  Akira had a couple of cards up his sleeve though.  He had a virus that would allow him to steal a missile or drones, and his own guns could offer some defence.  If he could survive the missiles, it was just a matter of evading the worst of Uki’s guns one more time, limping along to the Dark Cluster and jumping away.  Simple, really.

Welcome to Fusion: Space Combat, the game of starship combat in the 23rd century.  In this two-player game, each player takes on the role of a special pilot that ‘fuses’ their intelligence with an immense spaceship and issues commands to their craft. You and your opponent go head to head, attempting to destroy each other or racing to deliver minerals to powerful conglomerates, all the while avoiding pitfalls such as asteroids, gravity wells and electric storms.

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