U-Boat Attack

You are the captain of a U-Boat during the height of World War II. En route back to port, you come across a large allied merchant fleet carrying critical supplies to the war effort. Low on fuel and torpedoes, it is critical you destroy a number of ships before escaping the fleet.

U-Boat Attack is a solo game. Each turn you may take 2 actions to assist with destroying the merchant ships, or to avoid the destroyers and their depth charges.

The board depicts your submarine and surrounding ocean upon which destroyers move across, dropping depth charges. Depth charges and your submarine are represented on the board, and on a Depth Indicator. If a depth charges explodes at your location and your depth, you are destroyed.

Navigate in 3 dimensions through the depth charges, obtain firing solutions, destroy 3 merchant ships and reach the escape point to win!

This game is free and PnP (Print ‘n’ Play) – it requires you to print everything out on your printer at home, and add dice.

Please feel free to download and play it to your heart’s content.  Any feedback or rules questions please ask as comments here or on it’s Board Game Geek entry.

In the zip file, you will find the following files:

  • U-Boat Attack Rules.pdf – A complete explanation of the components and how to play the game
  • U-Boat Attack Summary.pdf – Once you are familiar with the rules, you can refer to this one-page summary to play the game.
  • U-Boat Attack Board.pdf – Two pages, which should be printed on separate pages.  One is the Tactical Board, which shows the submarine from a top-down view, and where destroyers and depth charges are placed to show their position relative to the submarine.  Also on on the Tactical Board are meters to track the submarine’s remaining oxygen, torpedoes and hull strength, and a meter to show to what extent the destroyers have detected the submarine’s position. The second page in this PDF is a Target Data Sheet, which is used to track the distance to the target merchant ships, and the quality of the firing solution the submarine has calculated for these ships, and their escort destroyers.
  • U-Boat Attack Tokens.pdf – Two pages, which should be printed double-sided on one page.  You will need to cut out the various tokens, and the Depth and Speed Indicators.  Note that the double-sided printing is not imperative – if the backs don’t align correctly, you can easily play with just the faces of the tokens.  The only tokens that are placed face down are the destroyers and depth charges with the depths written on them.  These tokens are different sizes, so there should be no difficulty in playing this way.
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Zip File: U-Boat Attack

Picture copyright Christopher Beaumont

5 thoughts on “U-Boat Attack”

    1. Haven’t looked at it since the end of the 2015 BGG Solo competition. I think it’s not a bad little game. Probably should try and find a more elegant method of determining where the destroyers enter from. Be interested to see what you think. We’re still grinding away at FUSION – with the latest iteration we’ve taken a complete nuclear bomb to all the extraneous elements, which I should have done a couple of years ago… sigh…


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