Who is Gravitas Board Games?

At Gravitas Board Games we make games we love to play. Games that are intellectually engaging, immersive and where every decision matters. Most importantly, they need to be fun.

When we’re not designing games we’re playing them.

Fusion: Space Combat is our first game we plan to publish. We’re busy play testing, working through the mechanics, striving for game balance and generally making a great gaming experience. We’re also developing the game world with graphic design, art and scenarios to immerse you in an exciting world.

U-Boat Attack is a  Print ‘n’ Play game for one player set in World War II. It’s our gift to the gaming community!  We’d love to hear from anyone that plays it.  It is available for free download on the U-Boat Attack page.

Who are we?

Michael Brettell

Michael is a software developer by day, game designer by night, weekends and some sneaky parts of the working day as well. His goal with game design is to immerse the players in theme, but give them interesting decisions and game mechanics to do so. You will not find him playing games to raise crops, produce movies or help pandas to eat more bamboo. You will find him becoming galactic emperor, wiping the battlefield of the Allied invaders on D-Day (especially against his brother), creating the most advanced civilisation and winning the race to claim the galaxy.

Andrew Brettell

Andrew is the graphic designer and artist at Gravitas Board Games. He’s enjoyed playing board games from a very early age. While he was underwhelmed with Snakes and Ladders at the age of five he developed a full blown obsession with Scooby Doo: Where are You? at the age of six. He’s disappointed to see it gets a score of 2.32 on Board Game Geek.

Since then he’s graduated to Twilight Imperium III (because he’s a masochist), Settlers of Catan (because, unlike his brother, he likes raising crops), and Cards Against Humanity (just because).

Andrew is unsure why he’s writing about himself in the third person but he hopes his first person will forgive him.

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