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Latest designs

Here’s the updated design of the Starship Mat and new designs of the Command Cards (including new artwork!)

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Nuclear Bomb

Image result for kim jong unThere’s an ethos in game design: you have to be prepared to kill your darlings; take a grenade to your rules, and let the real game – free of unnecessary additions – be reborn.  Well, we’ve just stepped that up and taken a thermonuclear H-bomb to FUSION.  We’ve North Koreaed its arse. Continue reading Nuclear Bomb

FUSION: Space Combat

“Hiraku fuses with his Katana Class D Starship. In less than seconds, his consciousness spreads across 300 million tonnes of fuselage, cargo bays and bulkhead. Physical boundaries dissolve as fists became weapon bays, legs the dark-matter powered Alcubierre Drive, and eyes expand into sensors scanning light years into the distance. As Hiraku tells us, “I’ve been a pilot for fifteen years and Fusion is still a rush.”

Titan Times Article, sourced from the Network 2280

Set in the 23rd century, pilots fly massive starships for competing agencies mining the invaluable material of Actium, found only in the Kuiper Belts of solar systems.

But these are starships with a difference. Instead of decks and cabins populated by crew, individual pilots with rare talent fuse their consciousness with these space juggernauts, issuing commands to travel, arm weapons and launch attack drones.

Now it’s your time to control an interstellar war machine or a freighter trying to outrun pirates. Take the role of a Fusion Pilot, command your ship and destroy your enemy.

Fusion is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which 2 players issue commands to their starships, with each command taking a specified amount of time. Players respond to each other’s commands, planning and countering each other’s attack and defence tactics.

The Fusion Boardgame will include everything you need to play over ten different scenarios including pilot profiles, command and tactics cards, scenario sheets, starship mats and a huge Combat Board.

You can read more about the history of the game world in The History of PRISE and FUSION technology and FUSION Pilot Training.

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